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How to improve the use rate and reduce wear and tear?
2022-03-08 09:48:40

How to improve the use rate and reduce wear and tear?

1. economic hotels: shampoo, Shower Gel capacity is best not to exceed 20ml, you can also use 10ml bags. Soap weight within 20g, no need to match the lotion and conditioner.

2. Purchase repeatedly washable slippers, both to improve the class, but also can play a non-slip, multiple washing can dilute the cost.

3. For the unified collation of unused consumables into storage, can continue to use.

4. The room service center is equipped with nursing and nail appliances, as well as a variety of needles, threads and buttons, so there is no need to purchase separate needle and thread kits and nursing kits. In this way, the use of hotel rooms consumable goods cost can be reduced by at least 30%.

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